Global Readiness

The World Course

The World Course of global studies, introduced in the Early Learning Center and offered in the Lower and Upper Divisions, infuses a series of topics throughout the Avenues curriculum to ensure every student obtains a global vision. Every student will study demography, environmental sustainability, world geography, economic trade, world religions and more. For these courses, Avenues drew on its own talent and partnered with a team of global studies experts directed by Dr. Fernando M. Reimers, Ford Foundation Professor of International Education and Director of the International Education Policy Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The Design Process…
Building a World-Class Global Studies Curriculum

Dr. Fernando M. Reimers and his colleagues helped direct the development of the Avenues World Course curriculum in four comprehensive stages:

Stage 1

The team constructed a detailed profile of a globally competent high school graduate and a series of specific standards and rubrics to guide both instruction and assessment at each individual grade level. This stage included design of course content objectives and how such content would contribute to the successful development of global competency, as well as the resources needed to achieve this goal.

Stage 2

Avenues leadership and faculty worked with Dr. Reimers’s design team as they conducted a formative evaluation of the curriculum and developed specific instructional units and lesson plans.

Stage 3

The team designed a technologically-based learning environment that can support the diffusion of the World Course across all Avenues campuses. The technology proposed includes social networking platforms to allow teachers and students on different campuses to collaborate on research projects and other activities in the World Course curriculum.

Stage 4

The design team, in concert with Avenues faculty, conducted a formative reassessment of the World Course curriculum and course content, as well as developed a system of professional support for faculty specific to the instruction of the World Course.

An interconnected series of topics anchoring the entire curriculum ensures that every student has a global vision.

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